who closes the sales woman or men real estate agents in 2017

The NYC real estate market continued to cool in the first three months of the year with both sales and medians trending decidedly down. A DRE allows you to renew your license up to 90 days before the end of your current period. If you need to renew your license, you can do so by taking the courses offered by YourPace Online. The Department of Real Estate will also have you reminded when it comes time to renew your license. You can set reminders on your computer, write in your calendar, or send out sticky notes. Legal Analysts Getting your&;New York Real Estate License&;is the first step to becoming a real estate agent in New York. Nowadays, this process can be done almost entirely online. You will still need to take your New York real estate license exam in person, but the rest of the process can where can you look up reviews on nyc real estate brokers be completed entirely online!