what is 16 bitcoin worth

The share of bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market compared to all other coins This chart gives an idea of the active user base of Bitcoin, since the ledger is public. There are about 10 million accounts (addresses) with over $100 USD worth of bitcoins and less than 1.5 million with over $10,000 USD worth of bitcoins. And users can have multiple accounts, so the total number of active users with dodge crypto price meaningful amounts of money is probably a few million. For reference, the Bitcoin subreddit has about 1.8 million subscribers. Growing confidence that Bitcoin won’t breach $16,000 would encourage more speculators to join in the buying. Then the group can agree to set a new floor at $18,000. “In crypto, a group of manipulators can push Bitcoin to higher floors unless a big party moves against them,” says Griffin. But it’s much harder to short Bitcoin than to short stocks or bonds. We aren’t seeing evidence of another group moving to drive down the price, giving a stronger hand to any possible club of bulls. “Most of the players in the space have a strong incentive to maintain a price floor,” says Griffin.