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They were young men -- one Black and two Jewish -- who were murdered together in Mississippi in the summer of 1964 while trying to register Black people to vote. I would highly recommend this firm. My medical negligence claim was handled very well by my solicitors Margaret Ryan and Rebecca Haigh. They see here have kept me well informed… As reported by The Chicago Sun Times, ABC News, The American Lawyer, Reuters and other media outlets, Paul, Weiss, together with Romanucci Blandin, LLC and Everytown Law, filed several lawsuits on behalf of victims of the deadly July 4 mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. Rosenbluth has 30 or so clients at once, most of them aged 20 to 40, with wives and children. Many come from Latin America, South Asia or Africa. Depending on their case, he aims to get them asylum or, if they have lived in the United States for years, to prevent them from being deported. Much of the time he’s fighting to get clients out of the facility on bond so they can reunite with their families.