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Tic-Tac-Toe gameplay can easily lead to a draw, in which case the players have to restart the game. In the next sections, we’ll learn how to implement the Tic-Tac-Toe game logic in the browser. I guess it8217;s a tie, just like regular tic-tac-toe! Dara is traditional three-in-a-row game from Nigeria. Dara is unlike any of the other tic-tac-toe versions listed here. It has a big twist. Watch the how-to video below, or visit our Dara post for the written instructions. I guess it8217;s a tie, just like regular tic-tac-toe! To wrap up the topic of finding the winner of your tic-tac-toe game, go ahead and add the following method at the end of your TicTacToeGame class: This game is published as a web application, which is embedded in the page below. When you interact with the screen via touch the screen may move. We also publish this web application as a stand alone app. PLEASE CLICK HERE to use the bad pixel game stand alone alone app designed for touch devices.