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As per our Litecoin predictions, the coin may have an average trading price of $337.67, with a minimum and maximum price of $276.83 and $398.52, respectively, for the year 2026. The volatility of the Litecoin price is expected to be quite decent, as per our price predictions. Litecoin price forecast for 2022 will likely see a new market cycle push prices lower. Most analysts have factored in the possibility of such a bearish flip, bitcoin live casino movies with price direction likely to pivot on market sentiment, global appreciation of crypto, post-pandemic recovery, and general news and events. As with Bitcoin, there is also a built-in scarcity. In total, only 84 million Litecoin can be mined. Litecoin can be considered a much cheaper and faster alternative. In fact, Litecoin is underestimated relative to other cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is slower and more expensive to use compared to Litecoin.