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Find other winning investment ideas with the Yahoo Finance Screener. However, the figure has been on a significant downfall since Q1 last year when the prolonged crypto winter started intensifying. CoinMarketCap. "Today's Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Cap." - Terms and conditions A Note on Imposters: Imposter websites are one purchase cryptocurrency with credit card of the most common reported scams. The companies or websites listed may sound similar to the names of other companies or websites that also operate in the marketplace. When companies or websites (fake or not) have look- or sound-alike names, the potential confusion created for consumers is real. The past has shown that the crypto market moves in cycles and that investors can expect price rallies after protracted bear markets. When it comes to investing, however, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Some notable crypto figures have made price predictions in the past which may prove useful to retail investors. Ultimately, however, it is not possible to know whether crypto will go up or down in price over time.