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The recent battle stemmed from 'The Halloween War," but was truly ignited by a missed bill payment, according to the post. When the NPC "police force" called CONCORD came to collect the sovereignty bill for B-R5RB from player corporation H A V O C, it found that the corp left their automatic payment unchecked. The missed payment then rendered the system "up for grabs." CCP Games will continue to operate independently as a developer with studios in Reykjavik, London, and Shanghai, Pearl Abyss said, but it will also bring its development and publishing expertise to Pearl Abyss&8217; current and future projects. "EVE Online has once more demonstrated the astounding events that can happen within the universe of New Eden and with its player-driven world," said Hilmar V. Pétursson, CCP Games' CEO. "Watching the Massacre of M2-XFE unfold was a visually breathtaking moment for all of us at CCP. None of this could be possible without our hugely dedicated players around the world, and we thank you for believing more clues in our vision of what EVE Online can be."