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Stephen Marche’s new book, “On Writing and Failure: Or, On the Peculiar Perseverance Required to Endure the Life of a Writer,” from which this essay is adapted, comes out this month. Working on a book review essay, writers have to take a stand and build a strong argument to win over readers. The key to the success of your writing is demonstrating sound logic and having relevant factual evidence to support the argument. How to Write an Essay about Why You Deserve a Job When you are writing an academic essay, the book title and author's name should be written in italics. However, if the book title is part of a larger work (such as a journal article), it should be underlined instead. So, you're wondering how to write a book title in an essay? The book covers all the aspects of content creation: from grammar and word usage to the case studies of best blogs and explanations of the reasons to write about this or casino bitcoin market that. The value of this book for the essay writers is undeniable: it teaches us also to choose the right topics for our texts – the ones that will be most interesting for your target audience, e.g. the class and the teacher.