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Super Mario Power Coins Mario Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 is the sixth entry in its series, but is the first to release without play free super mario games real-world Olympics. The series previously skipped 2018 but returned for the phantom 2020 Olympics, offering a wide variety of events and minigames for players to participate in. But that wide selection is hampered in part by an obnoxious single-player mode, bogged down by a story that's neither expected or needed. That would be fine if the multiplayer was beyond reproach, but Mario Sonic 2020 suffers there too due to Nintendo's predictably-poor online infrastructure. The game is a worthwhile continuation of the formula put forth by previous games, but fails to innovate or evolve. The hero of this series of games is Italian Mario from Brooklyn. He works as a plumber and often spends time with his brother Luigi. Both heroes fall into different exciting stories, so you won't get bored with them. In some games, you can complete levels at once for both Mario brothers.