best brush for fenty foundation

This had me giddy because I am not the best of friends with my eyeliner. I have oily eyelids but a small dry patch on one that nothing likes to stick to, so almost without fail, eyeliners bump up in that dry area and are really obvious. Not to mention, I can get a perfect line on one, but my other eye never matches. My eyeliner is slightly thinner and always a little higher on my right eye so I need to go skyn hydro cooling eye gels back over and fill in the gap near my lashes. A recipe for disaster! Would I recommend this product? These eyeliners are great for everyday and the texture is to die for! Those overseas feel free to make friends with a Canadian or travel here yourself. Never use dark liner on your waterline – it will make your eyes look smaller. Try a white or nude liner in order to open your eyes up.