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Fetch.AI has no affiliation with OpenAI or ChatGPT, but has benefited from the greater categorical trend. The currently 139th cryptocurrency by market cap is up more than 15% currently, with see the post right here a high of 21% for the day. This only adds to a 269% year-to-date rally and a 529% recovery from lows set in late November. The lowest price ever paid for the Fetch.ai FET crypto was $0.00827 per coin in March 2020. The performance of FET since this low places it as one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies. Opt-in, make your first trade on Exchange Plus & receive random crypto rewards from 10,000 SHIB, to 0.01 BTC. In 2020-03-13, Fetch.ai reached the all-time low of $0.00817. (0%) This has led many in the crypto community to speculate on an additional price boost for the AI crypto token, despite the fact that it has already increased by a factor of 100 in recent times. Fetch in its roadmap, however, has categorically highlighted the fact that since deep tech planning involves “equal parts science and art”, the objectives that have been planned are subject to change and/or pivot.